Dr Rebecca Curtis

GP with special interest in women's health and menopause
LoC IUT & Implants

Dr Rebecca Curtis is a GP with a special interest in women’s health and menopause. She is passionate about providing women with evidence based treatment, high quality care and empowering them to successfully navigate the changes in their health and well being over time.

She says ‘through my work as an NHS GP I am aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult for women to access specialist women’s health care on the NHS. Through a detailed consultation I can help you choose the most suitable treatment options for you. I am able to prescribe medically evidenced HRT and testosterone using the most natural products possible.
I have years of experience as an NHS GP and I am also very involved in teaching GP trainees and medical students at Hull and York Medical School. I strongly believe in providing up to date, high quality healthcare for all my patients. So whatever your health care issues maybe I shall be able to support and empower you to make evidenced based choices about your treatment.’

Dr Rebecca Curtis is available for virtual appointments seeing new or existing patients.

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