Whatever your medical requirement, we will give you the undivided attention you deserve. We will really listen to what you’re telling us. And we will always provide recommendations or treatments that are appropriate for you.

Health care service

Book to see one of our experienced doctors or nurses at a time that suits you. We can offer you consultations, examinations, affordable blood tests, health checks-ups and support for ongoing medical conditions.

We offer a range of services to meet your healthcare needs, providing advice, prescriptions, access to diagnostic imaging services and specialist referrals where needed.

Dr & Nurse consultations

We’re here, whether you’re unwell, or you want to discuss your long-term health. And we’re here when you just want to talk – maybe you need a second opinion, or a different perspective from your normal GP.

Women's health clinic

Book to see one of our highly experienced GPs who can help across a range of women’s health issues, including gynaecological, breast, menstrual, symptoms, menopause, fertility and contraceptive services.

Men's health clinic

Our Men’s health clinic can offer you affordable and convenient access to diagnosis, treatment or onward referral for prostate problems, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction or any concerns you may have 

Menopause clinic

A natural part of ageing which can cause unwanted physical symptoms, our menopause clinic offers expert, balanced and personalised care and treatment

Health checks & medicals

We offer easy to arrange medicals which may be required to satisfy your fitness and/or suitability to drive HGV vehicles, adopt or foster children, meet the physical requirements of a job or to meet the criteria of the Ofsted suitability form. We also offer independent health checks and medicals.

Blood tests

We work closely with various laboratories in the UK to provide accurate and reliable testing for various diseases and concerns

Specialist referrals

We work closely with private hospitals/clinics to provide onward referral for scans, counselling services, physiotherapy and other services

Need help finding the right service?

If you’d like to book a consultation, or simply discuss your options, contact us today.